In Which I Interview Jinxie

I got to interview my writer tonight for some practice because soon I’ll be interviewing some real authors, which I’m gettin’ kinda excited about … plus, I couldn’t think of what to write about for this week’s post.

So, here’s Jinxie

And here’s me

Let the interview begin!

Shawn: *walks in and looks down at Jinxie* You ready yet? I’ve been chain smokin’ out there.

Jinxie: Yes, although I don’t know why you want to do this.

Shawn: Gives me practice for when I interview real authors.

Jinxie: Ha ha ha! You’re hilarious. *sneers*

Shawn: *chuckles* You wanna do this in here or outside? I think I saw another centipede for you to drown in Raid. *grins*

Jinxie: Shut up or I’ll Raid your ass. Notice all that desert out there? Yeah, plenty of places to bury the body.

Shawn: *snorts* Like Raid would kill me.

Jinxie: Can we get on with this already?

Shawn: Sure. *falls down onto sofa and crosses ankle over knee* So … *pulls out notepad* What’s your real name?

Jinxie: Can’t answer that, sorry. I’m trying to separate the two halves.

Shawn: So where does the name Jinxie come from then?

Jinxie: My dear old dad. I was born on Friday the 13th. Dad wanted to call me Jinx. Mom said no. I found out about it roughly five years ago from dad and adopted the name as my online persona. End of story.

Shawn: Cool. Okay, so you’ve been online for some time now, haven’t you?

Jinxie: *nods* Since 1994-ish, I believe. Ever since I moved in with the ex-husband.

Shawn: You lived with your ex-husband?

Jinxie: Before I married him, you nitwit. He was a computer geek like his dad. *makes sad face* I miss his dad. He looked like Santa Claus.

Shawn: *nods* Ah, gotcha. Do you remember when Trent Reznor was on Prodigy and talking to people?

Jinxie: Yes. I was on Prodigy back then, I think. Before I took on the Jinxie name, I went by another that won’t be mentioned … ever. Why are you bringing that up?

Shawn: Just curious. I think you named my twin after him. Did you?

Jinxie: I did, and I named you after Shawn Albro from U.P.O.

Shawn: *raises brow* Really?

Jinxie: *nods* Yep. Though I doubt you’re anything like him.

Shawn: Well, it’s not like you know the guy.

Jinxie: True. Moving on … *waves hand around in a circle*

Shawn: Alright, now for the real questions. What types of books do you write? And do you read the same genre you write?

Jinxie: I write romance (which surprised me), urban fantasy, paranormal romance (also surprised me), fantasy, horror thriller and YA.

Shawn: What the hell is it with the YA books?

Jinxie: It’s super popular right now.

Shawn: Not with me, though I don’t mind the paranormal romance shit. *grins*

Jinxie: I’m sure you don’t, what with all that detailed sex.

Shawn: *giggles*

Jinxie: Did you just giggle?

Shawn: *glares* No! Okay, answer the second part of that question.

Jinxie: Oh yeah, I do read all of that, for the most part. I’ve never really read fantasy until the story popped into my head and I thought I should probably read some of that genre so I know how to freakin’ write it. I love urban fantasy, Patricia Briggs being one of my favorite authors in that genre, and I don’t really read romance unless I actually know the author. My YA library is huge too, from working at the school district for seven years. Scholastic has a big sale twice a year for educators, and that’s how I ended up with so many books. *laughs*

Shawn: So, since you’ve never really read fantasy, and I’m assuming you hadn’t written it before either, what was your inspiration for your fantasy book, or how did it come about?

Jinxie: Well, it’s best to show you *hands phone over* … These two pictures.

Shawn: Nice! *hands phone back*

Jinxie: Thanks. What else you got for me?

Shawn: Can you name any books that you absolutely MUST read the moment you see it?

Jinxie: Any Patricia Briggs book that involves Mercy Thompson! I about died for a month after Silver Borne’s release because I couldn’t buy it. Also, JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Those are pretty damn awesome.

Shawn: Why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

Jinxie: I write because I go nuts if I can’t write. You remember last year and the year before that, right before I wrote Nemesis? Yeah. Crazy person alert! What motivates me is the desire for others to read what I’ve written. My inspiration … that comes from everywhere. Life inspires me, from a word to a look to a sunset (like earlier) to a dream … anything has inspiration potential. But mostly, I write to get you all (characters) to shut the hell up.

Shawn: *laughs* We are quite the talkative bunch.

Jinxie: You’re the worst, I think.

Shawn: That’s because I’m more important … and your favorite.

Jinxie: Keep dreaming, Shawn. You staying for dinner?

Shawn: *raises brow* What’cha makin’?

Jinxie: Angel hair pasta with a nice red clam sauce.

Shawn: Hells to the yeah I’m stayin’!

(Kitty walks in from work)

Shawn: Oh, hey Kitty! *waggles eyebrows*

Kitty: *sticks tongue out and walks on by*

Shawn: *laughs and turns back to Jinxie* Okay, can you give any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

Jinxie: Um, no aside from I’m working on the werewolf book again because I’ve figured a few things out recently that tie all the pieces together. Oh yeah, and I have to rename that damn book. But I can tell you to check out my Jinxie’s Kitchen blog this Friday because a very yummy summer dessert will be appearing.

Shawn: *rolls eyes* If it ain’t tiramisu, I don’t care.

Jinxie: My cousin has a tiramisu recipe she’s supposed to send to me soon.

Shawn: Really? Well tell her to hurry the hell up! When are you going to work on my book again?

Jinxie: Blog or book, Shawn. Pick one. Besides, I have other things that are further along than your story, which really isn’t your story. You just happened to be more of a focus in this one like your brother was in the last one. *smiles*

Shawn: *grumbles* Bitch.

Jinxie: Hey, you haven’t really been swearing tonight. What’s up with that?

Shawn: shitmotherfuckergoddamnbitchonastickandyoucangotohellforallIfuckingcare. How’s that? *grins*

Jinxie: *stands up and walks away to make dinner* Whatever.

Shawn: *leans to the side* Hey there, Kitty. *grins*


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4 thoughts on “In Which I Interview Jinxie

  1. Kitty says:

    *grins back* Hey, sexy vamp. Good to see you. Don't worry about the swearing, Jinx's been doing enough to cover all of us for the week. And I'm DYING to know what her name was. Here I thought Prodigy was just the name of a cool band that Madonna ripped off a video concept from.

  2. christel42 says:

    Hey, Shawn ~Personally, I think that was a very polite interview, aside from the swearing at the end, but we all know how much I LOVE swearing. *evil grin*You really should post more often. Miss you.

  3. Shawn_II says:

    Kitty – *leans over and whispers to you* Funny, huh?Christel! Yeah, I was tryin' to be nice and all, since I was doin' the interviewing. I try to post once a week, but it's been damn difficult lately. I'll try to have something up for you on Monday. *winks*

  4. Trent_II says:

    I wanna do an interview!

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