Growing Up

We were young when mom and dad died. It was a fucked up kind of thing too. Wrong place, wrong time kind of thing. I think it was their date night or something and they were on their way home from a movie when they stopped at a convenience store so dad could get a pack of smokes. A robbery took place with them inside the store. Dad tried to be a hero. The asshole shot them both.

Mom lived for a few days, but she was in a lot of pain. Shawn and I were too young and they wouldn’t let us see her until near the end. We crawled up into the bed with her, and she held us both, one on each side. We each lay our head on her chest. I still hear the wheezing of her breath now and then, in my dreams. I twirled a lock of her raven hair around my finger, Shawn doing the exact same thing on the other side of her, as she spoke to us. She told us that we needed to be good boys, and that we needed to be smart and mind the adults who were going to look after us. We had no other family. Mom and dad were both orphaned at a young age too. Sometimes I think it’s a family curse, kind of like Bruce and Brandon Lee, y’know?

She died while holding us against her. I’ll never forget that day and what it was like to experience death for the first time up close as her body shut down. I cried for hours. Shawn just sat in silence, staring out a window most of the time. We’ve always been opposite when it came to showing emotion, but that’s where it stops for the most part. The adults worried about him because he refused to talk. It didn’t matter, though. I knew what was going on inside his head because we shared this link of ours long before we became vamps. He was hurting just as much as me, and we clung to each other. We feared they would separate us, but they didn’t, and the only time we were separated after that was when we joined the military. Shit, I can’t even tell you which branch we joined because it’s all classified.

At age ten, we ended up in foster care. Not the best experience, if you ask me. Some idiot who wanted the money he’d get for us took us in. He gave us a roof over our heads, made sure we ate, but it didn’t go much further than that. The rules were strict and of course, we rebelled by a certain age. He didn’t like that so much and we were emancipated by sixteen. Life got real harsh from that point, but we struggled for a year before joining the military at seventeen.

That’s when it all changed. Shawn was trained to kill and I mastered databases and shit. Actually, we both learned pretty much the same shit, but Shawn’s better at the killing than I am, and I’m better at the geek shit. He gets too frustrated with technology and tends to pound it into oblivion.

That was growing up for us, basically. I don’t remember too much of our lives before mom and dad died.

That robber, he got twenty-five years. Not long enough, if you ask me.

Cianán found Shawn and me almost fifteen years ago, and he turned us into vamps, seeing the perfect killing machines we were with our stealth and intelligence.
The robber got out a few years ago.
He’s dead now.


About Trent

Vampyre. All around good guy, I think. Trying to keep my brother Shawn from going completely over to the Dark Side. Yes, I'm a geek. LOL

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