A Long Bio About Me and My Twin

I was born on Halloween 1972 at 12:03 AM (Trent is 2 minutes older than me) in New Orleans, LA. Trent and I were both turned on our birthday in 1996 by Cianan MacLeer, a very old master vampyre who was once a Druid priest or something. We lived in Ireland for a while … can’t exactly remember how long … and when Grant killed Cianan, Trent moved to San Francisco with Mahlon (he’s an elder who used to be a god or some shit) and I moved to Phoenix (but really, I travel all over the world – we’ll get to that).

I was born to French parents whose parents came to America, but we don’t say our last name the French way. It’s been Americanized. I can’t recall the exact date because mom and dad have been dead for a long time now. We grew up in foster care for a while, then we high-tailed it out of those shitholes and joined the military. Trent’s a fucking technical genius, and he helps our vamp buddy Seth design some kickass video games.

I’m 6’3″, have long black hair, left eyebrow pierced, and nose on left side (Trent’s are both on the right), my right eye is blue and left is green (Trent is the opposite). When we stand in front of each other, it’s like a mirror image. I have the typical vamp powers: daywalk (ok, that’s not so typical), flight (with wings … yes, I have wings. They just hide when I don’t need them. It’s like on some molecular level or some shit), speed, agility, strength, night vision, self-healing, senses heightened. I do have the ability to use magic, ‘cept mine and Trent’s is different than all the other vamps we know. Well, those that actually have this ability. It’s sort of a deep purple smoky color when we use it, and we’re supposed to have extra abilities with the magic, but we haven’t figured them out yet. We’re still young in vamp terms. Trent and I do share a special link – telepathy – that others don’t have, but we think it’s because we’re twins over the vamp shit. I mean, some other vamps have telepathy too, but not like ours. And Jinxie says this about me: Unlike Trent, Shawn is rough, abrasive, and moody. However, like his twin, he is an intelligent man, charismatic, and can be sincere and gentle when he chooses to do so, although it is very rare.

She’s full of shit. I’m never gentle. *grins* I pulled that out of her stats for us. *laughs* Had to hijack her laptop for this.
I don’t normally talk about this, but I’m an assassin. The government trained me years ago and I’m really good at it, so I just kept doing it. But, because Trent looks exactly like me, I have to make sure I’m “invisible” when I do a job. Not literally, of course, but I can phase in and out of buildings and stuff. Phase in, make the kill, phase out. It’s kinda cool. I can do so much more with this shit as a vamp than I could as a human. And my employers know better than to ask how I do it. I kill all kinds of people. Powerful people. Sometimes I do jobs for the government. Sometimes I do jobs for other governments. I pick and choose what I wanna do. Either way, I get paid.

I don’t own a house or anything, although I do have a rarely used apartment in Phoenix. These days, I mostly stay with my brother and his girlfriend Thalia. That’s pronounced THA-LEE-UH, by the way. Don’t get it wrong because she gets pissy about it. *laughs* Trent and I were separated for about a year after Cianan died, which is when we lost our connection with one another, and up until the time we brought him back from Hell, no one knew Trent had an identical twin, ‘cept Cianan, of course. The reason for that had to do with us bringing Cianan back. So Trent was the frontman, and I did a bunch of behind the scenes shit that no one knew about while we were with Cianan. Our connection was back again toward the end of that year, but now he’s turned it off again because he doesn’t want me watching him fuck Thalia. *laughs* So it’s a bit more than telepathy. We can see through each other’s eyes at certain times. It’s actually how he found me in Phoenix. It’s sorta like a trance and a vision. Took us a while to figure out what we were seeing was real and in the moment.

Right now, I pop in and out of Ireland to check on Cianan ever since I turned him back into a vamp right after we got him out of Hell. You know, not much scares me in this world, if anything at all, but damn, that guy is fucking creepy looking now, and I have no idea why. It’s a bit unsettling.

Oh, and I know Trent seems all sweet and innocent, but I’ve seen that fucker rip one of my fledglings to shreds. Literally. Don’t be fooled by his “appearance.” That boy can take care of some shit.

I don’t do the relationship thing, by the way. Ever since Piper died, I just turned that shit off, you know? Trent and I were both in love with her. We’re the reason she’s dead.

So … yeah, um, that’s why I like my Nico. No strings. She takes me as I am and I don’t have to tell her I love her and shit, or deal with the crying game.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

About Shawn

Vampyre. The bad half. Yes, I bite. Wanna know more? Go read my fucking blog.

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